Specify a point anywhere on the globe, the need and we will all others.

This is the core of INNOVATIVE CITY And its purpose: to satisfy every customer in the world takes him from consulting services and projects as a type of TURN-KEY PROJECT, the spectrum is wide and diverse society:

Import & export services

Worldwide in a wide range of categories: agricultural goods, metals, chemicals, construction materials, and medical equipment, coal and petroleum products, food and more. Import/export services complementary international.

Logistic services

For movable goods, raw materials and products of logistics service INNOVATIVE CITY Deploy to all customer business opportunities particularly attractive like: creating business relationships between supplier and customer, negotiation for the customer, purchase contracts And supplies, quality of goods at the supplier before hundreds of goods at destination delivery and handling all the bureaucracy of international logistics services. In addition to logistical services offers each client company.

The establishment
of projects and project management

Worldwide including financing and implementing these services spread across a wide Gallery of areas such as power stations, factories for the production of food products, seed improvement, packing houses, greenhouses, medical centers, renewing and upgrading existing hospitals and more all three areas – Sahar, logistics and management – Projects requiring funding. Therefore, ROYAL INNNOVATIVE available to its customers.

Finance and trade

Whether a start-up is a level only initiative that originated shape as well as financing for acquisition and ordering of goods and raw materials to pave the way for the quick and easy to implement necessary offers INNOVATIVE CITY A selection of financing channels ranging from self-financed, non-funded assistance to organize financing by private investors. In addition to financial funding offers financial analytics services company, managing and financing contracts, etc.

ROYAL INNOVATIVE is a young veteran company

ROYAL INNOVATIVE was founded in 2018 but in practice it has 10 years of international commerce experience. How is this contrast between a young and veteran company possible? ROYAL INNOVATIVE was founded by corporate executives who specialized in logistics, trade, project management, and financing. Over the course of ten years, the company founders accrued rich experience and extensive business contacts in Russia, Europe, the Middle East, and the Far East. The expedited business development and the trend to expand the services offered to customers worldwide led to the founding of ROYAL INNOVATIVE in early 2018.

Our Expertise

The services that ROYAL INNOVATIVE offers are performed by its in-house experts, along with industry experts from around the world that we do close business with. This ensures that each customer and project is given the best service possible. These experts are professionals in the following industries:

  • Global shipping and transport (air, sea, and land) and customs clearance services
  • Construction companies, designers, architects and engineers
  • Energy industry experts (gas, crude oil, coal, renewable energy)
  • Agricultural project founders and managers
  • Law firms specializing in global commerce, and more.


Examples of large-scale projects that ROYAL INNOVATIVE has been involved in:

  • Importing over 1000 shipping containers to the Russian market
  • Setting up and managing refrigeration facilities in Turkey and a packing house with an output of 15,000 tons of citrus fruit
  • Setting up a refrigerator manufacturing factory in Russia
  • Provision of warehouse, greenhouse, and packing house maintenance services
  • Importing coal and manganese to Europe

And since ROYAL INNOVATIVE’s utmost value is the customer’s confidentiality and business, we can disclose that four oil supply deals are in the process of being signed, without revealing any confidential details.